Welcome to Blissful Moments Kennel.

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We breed AKC Boxers and French Bulldogs. Our Boxers and “Frenchies” were purchased from breeders both over seas and within the United States.  We are located in Edinboro, PA on 65 acres of land.

Over the last 20 years we have had a great passion for animals. Horses, deer, and dogs have been the center of our lives. Our first breeding experience was with Bernese Mountain dogs 10 years ago.  Shortly after that we were blessed with our first boxer.  What was meant to be a dog -sitting favor, turned out to be an unexpected surprise.  The boxer personality was like no other we ever experienced. It captured our hearts!  And so our exciting journey began….. We spent weeks researching and talking with breeders until we found the “right” boxers for us. Health, personality, and appearance were our top priorities while searching for our new “family” members. Our first litter of boxers were born in 2010.

It was only a short time later, during our yearly visit to an AKC dog show, that another special breed caught our eye. It was the first time we noticed the French Bulldogs.  We began to inquire about and research this breed, and ultimately came to the conclusion they would also be a great addition to our family. After many discussions, we decided to add the Frenchies to our lives. It’s a wonderful addition to our lives and every moment is filled with laughter and joy. When it comes to their needs, whether it is food, toys, beds, medical or love, we are there to make sure they are provided for.

Finding the best home for the pups is our top priority.  It takes time and dedication to raise a healthy and happy puppy. We are looking for homes that will provide the same level of love, care, and safety throughout the life of the dog as we have provided with ours.

Hope you enjoy our website. If you are interested in purchasing one of our pups as an addition to your family, feel free to contact us.